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Occupy Wall Street becomes highly collectible:

This reporter took reporting back to its roots. She did an excellent job of painting colorful characters and paying attention to those very moments that define people. She ends her piece with an aura of sadness, almost tapping into the gray of a parkless winter. And so in that I think she make her her only blatant mistake: assuming that this geometric network of vines and branches of new friends and family that was build in only a few short months was some kind sick child in flatline from the abused aftermath of a rattled skull. But, in the winter a tree loses its leaves, vines go dry and the fruit are lost, leaving room for the most important thing, besides life, that the organism provides for with its miracles: the potential for fresh creation and the opportunity to grow better and stronger from the mistakes of our passed. She was swept away from hope by the sadnesses of these, capitalism’s decaying times, that was so inspired by the People listening to each other as equals and as empathetic beings, of their realities of hurt and exploitation, and of their rekindled hope, ignited by the sea of faces, and crowd of ears intent on them in their moment of expression; by our assemblies so human and excitingly reborn just when we needed them. Because our assemblies were never most powerful in their financial decision making, they were only vastly powerful in building bundles of rediscovered friends & the ancient home of the community gathering. Pumping oxygen into our lungs and blood throughout our veins, the listening space is where realization is conceived and empathy is understood; where our human family can retake the making of history from its masters of productivity, or its preconceptions of powerlessness, to awaken in a world what we dream is what we enact, and nightmares are healed by the embrace of that celestial sea of ears and in the warm rhythm of fellow beating hearts. We have now begun a process of growth, I’ll see you all in the spring :)